2nd movie to Cats Don't Dance


2 years after the events of the film Danny and his friends are the biggest stars in Hollywood and get to take a vacation to New York City but when Danny gets seperated from the gang and is hunted down by an evil dog gang Danny's friends must rescue him.


Scott Bakula as Danny , an orange tabby cat

Jasmine Guy as Sawyer, a white persain cat and Danny's girlfriend

Kathy Najaimy as Tillie, a hippo and one of Danny's friends

John-Rhys Davis- as woolie an elephant and another one of Danny's friends

J.k. Simmons(replacing Hal Halbrook )as Cranston, an elderly Billy goat and another one of Danny's friends

Glenn Close (Replacing Betty Lou Gerson) as Frances, a fish and another one of Danny's friends

Will Ferrell (replacing Don Knotts )as T.W., a turtle and another one of Danny's friends

Max Charles(replacing Mathew Herid) as Pudge, a young penguin and Danny's best friend

Tim Curry as Slash, An Evil Dog who wants to Kill Danny

Martin Short as Robert, Slash's kind hearted second in command who later becomes friends with Danny and the gang