Cats Don't Dance - Tell me Lies (Widescreen 16 9)

Cats Don't Dance - Tell me Lies (Widescreen 16 9)

Tell Me Lies is one of the songs in Cats Don't Dance.


I never believed that there was a rainbow
With a pot of gold at the end
I'm much too smart
for fairy tales like that
Yet here I am, again
I thought this time
This time, we're gonna make it
Why I thought so
I really don't know
Maybe something in his eyes
Just told me so
Something in his eyes

Tell me lies
And I'll come running
I must have lost
My mind
I could close my eyes
And tell you
Just exactly what's coming
Life's gonna turn
Just a little unkind

Seems like everyone's sailing
Way out on the sea
And I'm stuck here
On the shore
Sun's always shining
But it's never for me
Why should I try anymore

Tell me lies
Tell me lies
I'll just keep right on coming
This time I've got
To believe
In a dream
This time I've got
To believe
In his dream


Performed by Natalie Cole
Music and Lyrics by Randy Newman
Arranged by Mort Lindsey
Produced by Randy Newman and Steve Goldstein

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